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Neosat iPRO 2000 Plus Network (PVR)


Fully MPEG2, DVB compliant
C/Ku band control for each antenna
Digital Audio with AC-3 support by SPDIF
PIG (Picture In Graphic) support
Provide friendly and easy-to-use menu system
Various channel editing function
(favorite, moving, locking, renaming, deleting and sorting)
User programmable various satellite & transponder information
Automatic search for newly added transponder (Network Auto Search)
Stores up to 5000 channels
Easy and speedy software upgrade through RS-232 port
Plug-and-play data transfer system (DSR to DSR)
Timer function, automatically turns On/Off by setting function
(daily, weekly, monthly and one time)
Automatic reserved channel moving system
Provide Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
Support for various video output : CVBS, COMPONENT, S-VHS
Provide various switch types, LNB types and NTSC/PAL monitor type
SCPC/MCPC receivable from C/Ku band satellite
Multi LNB controlled by DiSEqC 1.0, 22KHz and 0/12 volt switching
PAL/NTSC automatically conversion
Last channel automatically saving


- LNB & Tuner Input
Input frequency 950 to 2150 Mhz
Digital signal input level -65 to -25 dBm
LNB supply 13.50.5V / 18.50.7V, max.750mA
Band switch control 22KHz (Microprocessor control)
Connector 2 x F-Type, 3/8-32UNEF-2A (1 Input / 1 Loop through)

- Demodulator
Demodulation type QPSK demodulation and FEC decoding
in accordance with DVB prETS 300 421
Symbol rate (Rs) 2 < Rs < 45 Mbaud
SCPC and MCPC capable

In accordance with ISO 13818-1.
Simultaneous access will occur for the following :
- 1 video stream of data rate up to 15 Mbits/s
- 1 audio stereo/mono stream of data rate up to 448 kbits/s
32 PIDs Supported

Decompression MPEG-2 Main Profile @ Main Level
With Letter Box filter
Video buffer 64 MByte of DDR-RAM is provided
Data rate up to 15Mbits/s
(Max. burst rate : 228 Mbits/s)
Video output PAL-25 frame @720 x 576
NTSC-30 frame @720 x 480
Video format 4:3, 16:9

Decompression MPEG-1 layer I and II, Musicam
Outputs Stereo Channel
Dual Mono
Joint Stereo Channel
Spdif with AC-3

- Baseband Video
Video format CVBS
Output impedance 75 unbalanced
Bandwidth 5MHz
Connector type 1 x RCA

- Baseband Audio Outputs
Connector type 2 x RCA (Left and Right)
Output impedance 600 unbalanced
Level 0.6V rms2dB into 10k

- Digital Audio Output
Connector type Optic
Output type Spdif encoded signals with ac-3
Sampling frequency rate 32 , 44.1 or 48khz

- Component Outputs (YUV)
Connector type 3 x RCA (Y Pb Pr)
Output impedance 75 unbalanced

- S-VHS Output
Video format Y,C
Output impedance 75 unbalanced
Bandwidth 5MHz
Connector type 1 x 4pin DIN

Voltage supply path DC supplied from DSR on LNB coax cable
LNB type supported LNB with integrated polarizer switch
LNB supply voltage (software selectable)
.Vertical polarization : 13.50.5V DC
. Horizontal polarization : 18.50.7V DC
FSS/BSS Switching A 22kHz4kHz microprocessor controlled
switching signal is provided
Short circuit limit 750mA

Connector 9-pin D-sub male
Data protocol RS232C interface
The DVB-DSR is seen as the Data
Communication Equipment (DCE)
and the PC (or other terminal) is seen
as the Data Terminal Equipment (DTE).
Data rate Maximum of 625K bits/s

Microprocessor STi5100 AUC(STM)
Clock frequency 203MHz
SDRAM Memory 64Mbyte (DDR-RAM, 133MHz)
Flash memory 8Mbyte (4Mbit x16)

USB 2.0 interface
Connector type A type

Connector type RJ45
IEEE 802.3 / 802.3u standards
10 BASE-T and 100 BASE - TX support

Smart card standard ISO 7816 compliant
Number of contact 8 Pin

RF Output Signal NTSC M
Video Carrier Frequency 61.25 90 ? US 3 CH
67.25 90 ? US 4 CH

Number of keys 41 Keys
Operating distance up to 10m
Batterys 2 x 1.5V (AAA type)

Type Switching mode
Main input voltage 90 - 250V AC @ 50Hz/60Hz5%
Nominal power consumption 30W
Standby power consumption 9W
Typical supply currents
- +3.3V 0.9A
- +5.0V 0.5A
- +7.0V 0.4A
- +12V 0.1A
- +22V 0.75A

- Front Panel
Keys 5 Keys
Indicators Power on/off
Remote control input Infra-red receiver
Display 4Digit (7Segment)
Smart card reader ISO 7816 compliant

- Rear Panel
Connectors 1 LNB Input / 1 Loop through output (2F-type)
2 x Audio L/R (RCA)
1 x Video SIGNAL (RCA)
3 x YUV (RCA)
1 x RS-232 (9-pin D-sub male)
1 x RF Modulator (2F-type : IEC169-24)
1 x S-VHS (4-pin Mini-Din)
1 x Digital Audio Output (optic)
1x USB A-type
1x R J45 Type Ethernet
Switch 1 x AC Power Switch

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