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Lenovo ADL230NLC3A AC Adapter for Legion, ThinkPad, Yoga & More (USED)

  • Input: 110 V – 240 V ~3.5 A 50-60 Hz
  • Output: 20 V 11.5 A 230 W

Compatible Models:

  • E440, E450, E455, E460, E465, E470, E475, E540, E550, E550c, E555, E560, E560p, E565, E570, E570p, E575
  • L440, L450, L460, L540, L560, L570
  • T431s, T440, T440p, T440s, T450, T450s, T460, T460p, T460s, T470, T470p, T540p, T550, T560, T570, TP25
  • IdeaPad Y900 RE-34ISZ 90FK, Y900-17ISK 80Q1
  • Legion 5 15ACH6 82JW 82QJ 15ACH6A 82NW 15ACH6H 82JU
  • Legion 5 15ARH05H 82B1 15IMH05H 82CF 15IMH6 82NL
  • Legion 5 15ITH6 82JK 15ITH6H 82JH 82MH 17ACH6 82K0
  • Legion 5 82AU 81Y6 82B5
  • Legion 5 Pro 15 15ARH05H 82GU 82AY 15IMH05H 82AW
  • Legion 5 Pro 16ACH6 82JS 16ACH6H 82JQ 16ITH6 82JF 16ITH6H 82JD
  • Legion 7 15IMH05 81YT 15IMHg05 81YU C7 15 82EH 15IMH05 82EH
  • Legion S7 15ACH6 82K8 15ARH5 82HM 15IMH5 82BC
  • Legion Y540-15IRH 81SX Y540-17IRH 81Q4 Y7000 2019 81NS Y7000P 81LD
  • Legion Y7000P-1060 81LF Y545 81Q6 Y740-15ICHg 81HE Y740-15IRH 81UF
  • Legion Y910-17ISK 80V1 Y910-17 Y920-17IKB 80YW Y920-17IKB 80YX
  • Legion 5 17ACH6H 82JY 17ARH05H 82GN 17IMH05H 81Y8
  • Legion 5 17ITH6 82JN 17ITH6H 82JM
  • P15 (1st Gen) 20ST 20SU P17 Gen 1 20SN 20SQ P73 20QR 20QS
  • P50, P50s, P51, P51s, P70, P71
  • T15g (1st Gen) 20UR 20US
  • ThinkPad P53 20QN 20QQ P72 20MB 20MC P70 20ES P70 20ER P71 20HL P71 20HK
  • S1 Yoga 12, S3 Yoga 14, S5 Yoga 15, Yoga 14, Yoga 260,Yoga 460, W550s, X1 Carbon (2nd Gen), X1 Carbon (3rd Gen), X1 Carbon (4th Gen), X1 Yoga (1st Gen), X240, X240s, X250, X260, P40 Yoga

This is a used AC adapter for Lenovo laptops. Used products may have cosmetic signs of wear and tear. Please review our photo carefully and contact us if more details are required.


1 in stock


1 in stock

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